About the Editor

Kerry-Ann began writing at the tender age of 9 and ever since then a pen and pieces of paper have never been far from her reach. Owing to this passion, it was without much deliberation that she decided to select writing and editing as her choice of studies. She studied her undergrad in Journalism and then completed her Honours in English Literature, from which she graduated with Cum Laude. Over the years, these qualifications have grown and flourished into a steady career path.

What her career lacks in duration it makes up for in passion, dedication and achievements. Her career in writing and editing began at the University of Johannesburg, where she taught and tutored academic English. This position enabled her to develop writing skills and a passion for literature within her students. It was after this period that she worked for a Tutoring company, where she interviewed possible candidates, wrote profiles for clients, and managed over five hundred tutors. However, shortly after this she accepted an editing position at an Entertainment Company. She is still working at this company and currently holds the title of Editor in Chief for their magazine. Within the space of three months Kerry-Ann had conceptualized the magazine, allocated stories to freelance writers, organized photographers, and finalized the layout and structure. In addition to this, she has been working for the as a freelance writer, editor and proof-reader. She has written numerous articles and blogs for various clients, as well as edited many important documents, including Masters Dissertations.

Kerry-Ann has also been writing her own fictional stories for the past 7 years. This is something that she is extremely passionate about and she has been thoroughly educated on narration, characterization and other pertinent storytelling techniques. She possesses a vivid imagination and finds happiness in constructing stories, articles, and other exciting pieces of literature. When asked why she possesses such a strong passion for the English language Kerry explained that "to some it's just black words on a white page, but to others there are no limits to the amount of colours that can spring from a piece of writing."

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Kerry-Ann is also an accomplished vocalist, available to sing at any event, wedding or function. Whether it be leading wedding guests in hymns, quietly singing in the background, or getting the party started with an unbelievable repertoire, Kerry adds a magical touch to any event.